Why Seamless Flooring is Ideal For Commercial Businesses

Seamless resinous floor coatings are ideal for a variety of commercial and industrial settings. For businesses, a seamless flooring system offers huge benefits over alternatives, such as bare concrete or vinyl tiles, while not having any major drawbacks aside from -potentially- a slightly higher installation cost. However, the durability and sustainability justify the up-front costs.

Seamless floors are a perfect solution for a wide range of businesses. Continue reading to learn 4 reasons why you should choose seamless flooring for your commercial business.



Perhaps, the biggest problem with a floor with seams between individual tiles or other elements is that every seam becomes a magnet for mold, mildew, bacteria, and other contaminants. Keeping such floors truly clean and sterile becomes almost impossible, particularly without using harsh cleansers which can damage the floor. When there are no seams, there’s no way for contaminants to gain a foothold.


Seamless floors are extremely quick and easy to clean while requiring no special cleaning agents. Anything from a traditional mop-and-pail, to advanced ride-on floor cleaners, will work fine. This is particularly important in wet spaces, where the floor may see a lot of spills. Any liquid on the floor can be quickly contained and mopped up. So, you won’t have to worry about it seeping into cracks or even potentially into the floor itself.


If you’re installing a floor for facilities that use large equipment, such as forklifts, a seamless flooring solution can save you a lot in maintenance costs! A tile-based floor can be easily damaged by large machinery. All it takes is one flawed seam getting dislodged by the equipment. Then, it’s a cycle of patches and repairs that will never end. A single seamless poured flooring system or surface stands up to heavy use much better.


A seamless resin-coated floor doesn’t have to be purely functional, either. Options such as metallic epoxy or even simple polished concrete can create looks which are every bit as stunning as intricate tile work. You can impress your guests with an awe-inspiring floor. Plus, enjoy the benefits that floor brings in your day to day work.

TURN TO Non-slip floors australia, adelaide FOR SEAMLESS FLOORING SOLUTIONS

We work with you to offer the best options, and customise an industrial or commercial floor that meets your individual specifications. Our seamless flooring options including epoxy flooring systems and polyaspartic solutions. Whether you need a pharmaceutical, hospital, food/beverage, or commercial kitchen flooring options, we can guide you to choose the best floor solution for your environment. Trust Non-Slip Floors Australia for quick and flawless installations in Adelaide, that ensure the job is completed accurately, and on time.

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