The Three Most Important Reasons To Seal Your Concrete

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Anyone who has ever tried to maneuver through a parking structure which is in the middle of extensive repairs knows that it’s bad for business. Drivers going opposite directions need to share the same lane when they can’t see around the corner. Dust, debris, and muddy water coat their clean cars. The noise is deafening. And they still have to pay to be there. As bad as it is on visitors, imagine how much worse it must be for the property owner who has to shoulder the burden of the expense and apologise to customers. We’re not saying that sealing your concrete means you never have to make repairs. But we are saying that you can greatly lengthen the period of time in between repairs when you seal your concrete.

In this blog post we will look at the three most important reasons to seal your concrete.

First, as mentioned above, sealed concrete lasts longer. The sealant keeps chemicals and water from penetrating the concrete. At Non Slip Floors Australia, we use a top of the line silica based sealer and hardener which reduces dirt penetration, and will not degrade when exposed to the sun’s UV rays. This in turn reduces the risk that the rebar within the concrete will corrode. “silica-based co-polymer designed to seal and harden concrete floors with a rich glossy finish. Enhances concrete floors with a tough surface layer that protects against staining, eroding and dusting. UV stable and non-yellowing. It withstands extreme Australian weather conditions by maintaining great gloss retention, low water sensitivity and reduced water vapour permeability. It will also help to prevent the growth of mould and mildew..”

Second, a sealed concrete surface is much nicer looking, which speaks well of your business. And sealed concrete retains its professional appearance longer than unsealed concrete. If you’ve ever tried to park in a location where the pavement striping is almost completely faded away or there are holes in the parking surface, you know what we mean. As a property owner who cares about the impression you make to your visitors and the community, you want to ensure that your concrete is sealed on a regular basis. 

Third, sealed concrete resists staining. Without proper sealing, stains can permanently mar the surface of your concrete, making it look old before it’s time. As an added bonus, sealed concrete is much easier to clean than a non-sealed surface, saving you time and money. If your concrete surfaces haven’t been given their proper attention in awhile, start with a thorough sweep and pressure wash. After pressure washing, preserve your facilities by sealing your concrete. In addition to the long-term savings, we will ensure that you enjoy short-term savings as well by creating a package deal that meets your needs on your schedule.

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