Non-Slip Floor Concrete Solutions

Let's talk non-slip floors.

Durable, easy maintenance, and long lasting; concrete is one of the best flooring solutions on the market. Especially for outdoor purposes; but it has its perks inside too! With its durable and hard surface, concrete is also the worst type of surface to lose grip on.

Several residential properties and most commercial properties see concrete as a staple especially in high traffic areas. The tough surface can withstand just about anything when the surface is properly treated. Our non-slip floor products are perfect for those hot summer days by the pool.

Slippery Concrete Floor Solutions

Concrete can be found on both residential and commercial properties. Which makes both residential and commercial properties more susceptible to slip and fall accidents and injuries.

We specialise in non-slip floor products to reduce the risk of slippery flooring. We Assess, Analyse and take action by applying our slip-resistant product to decrease the chances of slipping without altering the appearance.

Slippery Outdoor Concrete Solutions

During the summer days, both public and private-owned pools produce a vast amount of traffic. Running, jumping playing on wet surfaces is all apart of the summer fun, which is why slip and falls are more likely to occur.

75% of drowning deaths occur at a residential home or neighborhood pool. Most frequently slip, and fall injuries are attained from untreated slippery concrete. Spinal cord damage, dislocation Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and other non-fatal injuries increase when concrete is wet and untreated.

Slippery Indoor Concrete Solutions

Pools, Decks, Walkways, and other exterior areas are prone to wetness and injuries if not treated if the proper measures are not ensured.

By having your concrete surfaces treated, you are ensuring safety in your home or commercial property. When concrete surfaces such as pools are treated, it improves the resistance of your concrete surface. We have the best non-slip floor solution for you.

Non-Slip Flooring Treatment. Why We Are The Solution!

Save yourself the money and a life and have your floors treated. The products we use enhance traction for high traffic areas. It improves the colour and appearance of the concrete without discolouring and yellowing.

The slip-resistant additive we use is easy to clean and is even resistant to all of today’s known pool chemicals.

We assess every home and business, analyse by applying high-quality standards to select the next steps, and we take action by applying our propriety product to reduce slippery floors and injury vastly. Our goal is to give you non-slip flooring here in South Australia one step at a time.

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