Epoxy Flake Floors

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

Epoxy flake is one of the most preferred decorative epoxy options. Broadcasting multi-coloured flakes on the base coat of your epoxy flooring can add texture and visual appeal. Non Slip Floors Australia can mimic the look of granite except that it comes with an anti-skid texture.

What is Epoxy Flake Flooring?

Epoxy flake flooring Adelaide is a decorative flooring option that integrates flake pigments in epoxy. With flake pigments added to your epoxy flooring you will be able to achieve a seamless surface that is extremely durable, chemical resistant, UV resistant, bacteria resistant and high wear resistance.

Epoxy flake flooring is also resistant to dirt, grease, oil and moisture. It is likewise hygienic and clean. Moreover, this flooring solution comes in a wide range of customisable options. It is also most often used in uneven surfaces.

Epoxy Flake Flooring Adelaide

Epoxy flake floor is generally sprinkled over existing concrete. Multi-coloured flake pigments first cover the concrete floor. Then the epoxy material is installed. When epoxy cures you will get astounding results.

Epoxy flake floors are shiny yet it is able to provide an anti-slip surface. Epoxy flake floors can handle a huge amount of foot and vehicle traffic.

When you choose to apply an epoxy flake floor you are having floors that are easy to clean and maintain because it is resistant to moisture and dust proof.

Epoxy flake floors are a popular option of homeowners and businesses in Adelaide, South Australia because of its aesthetic appeal.


This is without a doubt the main reason why epoxy flake floors are a common option. Epoxy flooring Adelaide protect concrete floors and make them more durable. Epoxy flake floors are not only for protection and added durability but also for more aesthetic value.

Colour Matching

Epoxy flakes are available in a wide range of colours and not just in grey or black. While grey and black flakes will not clash with the interiors surrounding your epoxy floor coating, it does not mean that they compliment your interiors either.

Epoxy flakes are available in white, blue, yellow, red, and in basically any colour you desire including blended flakes. These flakes are also available in various sizes

Epoxy Color Flakes

Epoxy colour flakes are often referred to as colour chips or epoxy paint chips. With a little creativity these small explosions of colour can create custom epoxy floors.

Epoxy colour flakes are used to achieve a desired look. These multi-coloured flake pigments are randomly incorporated into the epoxy material while it is still in liquid form thus there are no repetitive patterns.

Epoxy flakes are either natural mica mineral, or synthetic. They are available in different colours, blends and sizes. They come in either a fine or coarse appearance.

Epoxy flake colours are blended to create a specific look. They are then applied at a light, medium, heavy or full coverage depending on your preference.

It must be remembered that the epoxy flake colour you choose should match the base colour of your epoxy floor. Tans and greys are the most common base colour of epoxy floors.

If you are going to apply epoxy flake floor Adelaide with full coverage then you need not consider the base coat of your epoxy flooring.

Epoxy Flakes Application

Epoxy colour flakes are tossed immediately after applying the colour coat or base coat of the epoxy coating. This is usually within 10 minutes of final back roll of the epoxy material. This is the time when the epoxy coating is still in a tacky state.

Epoxy colour flakes are placed on an empty bucket. They are tossed into the air and allowed to drop over the epoxy floor a handful at a time similar to the way you would feed chicken. For a full coverage, larger handfuls of the epoxy flakes are tossed to the air.

Epoxy colour flakes are not tossed directly to the epoxy floor. Doing so will create dense spots in a V-shaped pattern.

This manner of application allows the colour flakes to disperse much better to the epoxy floor.

Then a layer of two of clear epoxy top coat, clear polyaspartic.

Applying just a thin layer of top coat over the epoxy colour flakes creates a textured epoxy flake floor. On the other hand, a thicker layer of top coat does not create texture but instead a smoother epoxy flake floor.

For a full coverage, larger handfuls of the epoxy flakes are tossed to the air.

Epoxy Floor Top Coat

After the application of the epoxy flakes, any colour flakes that did not adhere to the epoxy floor are taken off. The top coat is then applied.

It must be remembered that the anti-slip properties of epoxy flake floor is the same regardless of whether you opt for a smooth or textured epoxy flake floor.

Now that you know more about epoxy colour flakes and how to use them, have fun choosing the colour and size you need and desire for your home or business.

Contact Non-Slip Floors Australia today for a free quote on your next epoxy flake floor in Adelaide.

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