6 Different Uses For Commercial Epoxy Flooring

Commercial epoxy flooring has a variety of uses across many different industries. The strength, durability and protection it provides, as well as the low relative cost in comparison to other types of floors make it an ideal flooring option for a wide array of commercial applications. Today we take a look at 6 major uses for industrial epoxy flooring.

Warehouse Flooring

Epoxy coatings are great for warehouse flooring. Warehouses usually see heavy traffic, including equipment like forklifts, machinery and vehicles. Coating the floors with epoxy is an excellent way to protect the concrete from wear, pitting or other damage. The coating also makes the warehouse easier to clean, defending against dirt, spills and chemicals. In areas where a large number of people will be walking, a non-slip traction layer can be added to the epoxy to help lessen the danger of workers slipping and falling.

Aircraft Hangars

Traditional concrete floors can absorb chemicals, making it difficult or impossible to completely remove them without replacing the floor. This can cause a safety hazard for employees. Epoxy coatings are chemical resistant and actually repel chemicals, causing chemical and fuel spills to float atop epoxy coatings instead of seeping in. This allows easier cleanup by maintenance crews. Coating the floors of aircraft hangars with an epoxy resin provides similar benefits to warehouse floors. The coating is also heat resistant and handles the hot tires of the aircraft.

Automotive Facilities

Auto shops are notoriously hard on floors. Grease, oil and chemicals are regularly spilled on the floors. Tools and parts are dropped or dragged across the floor, causing chips, scratches and gouges in the concrete. This is just the nature of the business and the heavy duty tools and equipment involved. Fortunately, industrial epoxy flooring can protect the concrete from even these harsh conditions.

Pharmaceutical Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy makes an excellent flooring surface for pharmaceutical, laboratory and clean room use. The resins are naturally anti-microbial and create a seamless surface that resists dirt, dust and bacteria. The high chemical resistance and waterproof finish make it an ideal surface for the harsh conditions found in laboratories and pharmaceutical environments.

Showroom Floors

In addition to being a highly durable commercial-grade coating, epoxy resins are also very versatile and stylish. Many different colours, styles and textures can be achieved to match almost any design need. This makes it ideally suited to using in showrooms. What better way for a car dealership to show off their top (insert favourite Mercedes/Lambo/Porsch/BMW) than to have its gleaming body nicely reflected in the surface of the stylish new epoxy flooring.

Food Service Flooring

Coating commercial kitchen floors with epoxy resins is an ideal use to take advantage of all the benefits epoxy floors bring. Kitchens, such as those in restaurants and the fast food industry, see high levels of traffic, as well as oil and food spills. These areas are very hard on other types of flooring, causing excessive wear, staining and damage to the floor. Additionally, they can be difficult to clean and disinfect. This is where epoxy floor coating shines, protecting and sealing the floors from damage and bacteria.

The seamless anti-microbial layer makes the floors easy to clean and prevents harmful bacteria buildup. This helps keep a sanitary kitchen and can improve the establishments ability to pass health department inspections. The epoxy coating doesn’t absorb grease, dirt and food spills, making it simple for staff to mop and wash down the kitchen when they close for the day. High traffic areas can also be installed with a non-slip surface to make the floors safer for kitchen staff to walk on without falling.

Additional Commercial Epoxy Flooring Uses

There are many other commercial applications for epoxy flooring, including military use, healthcare, manufacturing, factories, and others. A future post may focus on these additional uses, but here are the 6 we focused on for today.

Non-Slip Floors Australia has installed thousands of square feet of epoxy resin floors for both residential and commercial epoxy applications. Give us a call today at: 0420 540 063 and let us help you get the professional service you deserve on your next commercial or residential flooring project.

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