how soon after you have finished can i walk on the floor/move furniture?

It does depend on which finish you select, and the ambient weather conditions. Usually, you can walk, in socks, on your floor the next day, with light traffic and move furniture in after 3 days. Our care guide provides further information.

How long does it take to cure?

Each product is different. Generally between 1 to 7 days.

How long after my slab has been poured can i have my floor installed?

Typically, your slab should have been installed 30 days before we come in and that is because a slab will normally do most of its cracking/movement within that time and at the correct level of cure.

Can you remove my existing carpet/tiles/timber/vinyL? does it cost extra?

Yes, we can remove any / all existing flooring, including any underlying adhesive or floor topping for an additional cost.

Why does my floor need to be ground at all?

Unlike applying paint, epoxy overlays need to penetrate and bond mechanically to concrete in order for them to adhere properly.

Often, concrete for a garage is not finished to provide a smooth and even surface. This finishing process reduces the porosity of the concrete. As a result, the thick and viscous nature of coatings cannot penetrate and soak into the surface very well.

Grinding to create a mechanical bond, exposes the pores in concrete so that the epoxy coating can penetrate the surface in order to get the best bond. It also creates a rougher surface for the coating to adhere to. If your concrete is not ground properly, it is often the reason why floor coatings fail and peel, or delaminate.

will existing cracks in the concrete re-occur?

Though everything possible is done to treat cracks and eliminate them, external conditions may cause them to reoccur. Proper placement of tension cuts greatly reduces the chance of the crack returning.

what are the advantages of using epoxy?

  • Long-lasting

  • Decorative

  • Low maintenance

  • Will not harbor bacteria

  • Anti-static

  • Seamless

  • Competitive in price to tiles, linoleum and vinyl.

can you lay epoxy over tiles?

Yes, in most cases, however it really depends on the condition of the substrate. Most instances we will need to remove any existing floor coverings, including any glue or residue. This will prepare the underlying concrete to ensure longevity for the application of the epoxy coating.

are epoxy or other concrete coatings that you use toxic?

No, we use only the highest quality products that are pet and child friendly, solventless, odourless, food safe and environmentally friendly.

what colours can i have?

You are able to choose from a wide range of colours from the Australian Standard Colour chart – located here

what if my concrete already has paving paint or sealer applied to it?

The surface will need grinding so that only clean concrete is left. It will cost more if the surface needs grinding to remove old sealer or concrete paint.

what is the difference between a grind and seal and polished concrete?

A grind and seal is exactly what the name implies – the slab is ground back, normally between 200-400 grit level) and then a topical concrete coating is applied. This finish is less labour intensive than a mechanical polish, and therefore cheaper and can be used effectively where a rustic, warehouse type look is required. The overall finish is very dependent on the age, quality and pour of the original slab.


Polished Concrete is a completely different process, and the slab must be poured by an experienced concreter, to specific strength and specification. Polished concrete is concrete that has been hardened with a chemical densifier and ground with progressively finer diamond tools. It is best to make your decision and do your research prior to your slab being poured to ensure you are making an informed decision. The level of aggregate that you would like to expose will determine how much grinding needs to be done and will also change the square metre price. You can also choose the level of gloss, matte, satin or high gloss.

How do i clean my floor?

We have some general tips for care and maintenance on our website and Care Instructions are provided to our customers at the completion and handover of each project.

where are you located and what areas do you service?

We are located in Adelaide for all your epoxy and concrete flooring installation needs. We also operate throughout South Australia, contact us today!

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